EXCLUSIVE — GOP PA Senate Candidate David McCormick: My Opponent Bob Casey Is a ‘Rubber Stamp’ for the Biden Agenda

David McCormick, US Republican Senate candidate, speaks during an election night party in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, May 17, 2022. Pennsylvanias Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman easily won the Democratic primary for the US Senate on Tuesday from a hospital bed, as the Republican field remained unsettled in a tight three-way …
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Democrat Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) is a “rubber stamp for the Joe Biden agenda,” Republican Senate candidate David McCormick told Breitbart News Saturday, detailing why he chose to jump in the race.

“The motivation for running for the Senate is really the belief that the country is headed in the wrong direction,” he said, pointing directly to President Biden’s leadership and policies. McCormick’s Democrat opponent, Sen. Casey, has supported that Biden agenda “every step along the way,” serving as what McCormick described as a “rubber stamp for the Joe Biden agenda.”

McCormick highlighted some of the main issues, pointing to the pace of the decline in the country, which is battling inflation, crime, a border crisis, and weakness abroad.

“The Inflation Reduction Act, which I like to call the Inflation Creation Act, is a big driver,” he said, explaining that massive spending is “pushing up inflation.” Sen. Casey, he continued, has supported Biden’s economic agenda “every step of the way.”

McCormick laid out the sorry state of affairs on other issues as well, noting the connection between Biden’s bad policies and Casey’s unending support of them.

“I could go on and on. Domestic energy, energy dependence, all sorts of issues, but the main point is that under Joe Biden, the country is going in a terrible direction, and Pennsylvanians are suffering. And they’ve got a guy in Bob Casey, who has truly been a rubber stamp for Joe Biden. Ninety-eight percent of the time” Casey has voted with Biden, he said, noting that this is particularly significant, as Casey once criticized then-Sen. Rick Santorum for voting with former President Bush the vast majority of the time.

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) speaks before President Joe Biden at a campaign rally for Pennsylvania’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro and Democratic Senate candidate Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, Nov. 5, 2022, in Philadelphia. (Matt Rourke, File/AP)

“He was running against an incumbent senator, and he made that point that the senator… was voting lockstep with the president,” he said, noting that the “people of Pennsylvania are notoriously independent.”

Pennsylvania voters, he continued, do not want a Republican or Democrat who just serves as a yes man for the president.

“With Bob Casey, you’ve got two problems. One, he’s the senior senator from one of the most consequential states in the country, one of the largest economies. It’s a battleground state. It’s a harbinger for what’s going on in the country. And he literally — and I don’t know, I’m not overstating this — he literally has not had a single accomplishment,” McCormick said. “You could point to the legislative successes. There’s nothing Bob Casey is known for across the Commonwealth that is his signature. He’s not accomplished anything,” McCormick said, also emphasizing how most Americans think the country’s heading in the wrong direction.

That, he continued, “is tied directly to the failed leadership of Joe Biden.”


“And Bob Casey has been with him every step along the way,” he continued, emphasizing that Casey does not have a track record but has been a “creature of Washington” for the last 17 years.

A recent National Public Affairs survey found Casey trailing a generic Republican candidate in the Keystone State.

“He’s a rubber stamp career politician and I’m gonna go to the voters and make my case [which] is, you know, a Pennsylvania success story. A kid that grew up in rural Pennsylvania. I had an opportunity to go to West Point, serve my country and then come back and, you know, be part of creating a great business that created hundreds of jobs. And that’s the contrast. It’s a contrast between the status quo,” he said. “If you want the status quo, vote for Bob Casey. If you want more Biden failed policies, vote for Bob Casey.

“If you want to change things, you want somebody who’s going to fight for the people of Pennsylvania, someone who believes all that’s great about America and believes that our best days are ahead, but only if we elect leaders who are going to fight for those right principles, that’s the case,” he continued, expressing the belief that Casey is vulnerable. However, he is not “underestimating the size of this challenge.”

“The Democrats are going to do everything they can to prevail on this Senate seat. [Senate Majority Leader] Chuck Schumer is going to put limitless money into it,” he said, explaining there is a “big hill to climb.”

“I think our cause is righteous here. We want great leadership for America, and a great senator who will go fight for Pennsylvanians, and I think we haven’t been — we as Pennsylvanians haven’t been adequately represented,” he continued.

McCormick, who lost his Senate primary battle against Mehmet Oz in the last election cycle, noted that he has had “my share of failures” in his life, but “that failure and the resilience to overcome it and pick yourself up and shake yourself, brush yourself off, and learn from the mistakes and move forward” is “what leaders do.”

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