Exclusive — Karoline Leavitt: Democrats Want Trump ‘Confined to a Courtroom’

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 18: Former President Donald Trump sits in the courtroom durin
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Democrats want former President Donald Trump “confined to a courtroom” instead of on the campaign trail, but that will not be the case, Karoline Leavitt, national spokeswoman for Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, said during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday.

“Jack Smith is a henchman for Joe Biden and for Merrick Garland. He has made a living off of targeting Republicans throughout his entire career,” Leavitt said during her appearance on the show, noting that this case of lawfare is nothing more than another attempt by Democrats to “interfere in this election and attempt to weaken President Trump.”

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“All of these cases have no legal standing, no legal grounding. And not only that, but these prosecutors and far-left judges and far-left district attorneys in the attorneys general as we see in New York are taking it a step further and saying that …. not only does President Trump have to go through these witch hunts, but he can’t speak about them, and you see that with some of the gag orders that have come down on him,” she said.

“They are stripping him of his First Amendment rights” because they “know that he will speak the truth,” she said, concluding that it is a form of “election interference.”


“We’re coming for them in November. … The president will continue to hit the campaign trail. The Democrats want him confined to a courtroom, but he’ll continue to get out there and bring his winning message of making this country great again to the great people of Wisconsin and every state across this country,” she continued, pointing out that Americans are making their voices heard even now, pointing to the turnout in Wisconsin where voters recently banned Zuckerbucks — a move some say is essentially a referendum on the election.

That, Leavitt said, was “a huge win for President Trump.”

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