Milo On The Todd Shapiro Show: Muslims ‘At The Top’ Of The Left’s ‘Victim Hierarchy’

Milo Yiannopoulos

Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos appeared on the Todd Shapiro show on SiriusXM last evening. The segment can be watched in full below. 

Milo discussed his views on radical Islam, his fears as a gay man of mass Muslim immigration and how best to protect people in the event of a situation such as the Orlando shooting that occurred earlier this week. 

“I’m sorry to say I did and I wrote before that I was terrified of mass Muslim migration in Europe and that this was going to lead to horrible consequences for women, for gays and of course it has come to pass.”

“America has to make a very simple choice here. This is not a question of fine distinctions politicians and our media make between Islam and radical Islamist terrorists, really it’s all the same thing, there is a structural problem with Islam, most of them don’t like gays very much. This isn’t news to anyone except our media.”

“This is not radical extremists, this is mainstream Muslim culture whether they live in other countries or they live in ours, they don’t like gays very much and this stuff is going to happen if you pander to and mollycoddle and make excuses for Islam constantly as the left loves to do, if you put Muslims at the top of your victimhood hierarchy, at the expense of other minorities, at the expense of women, of gays, this stuff is eventually going to happen.”

“We are now in this society able to live equally, we have access to institutions, to education, no matter what you look like, where you come from, who you are, as a result of Western Democratic Capitalism, Freedom of Speech and all the rest of it, you can do or be whatever you want. There is one threat to that fundamental principle, there is one threat to freedom in the west, one threat to Democracy, one threat to our way of life and that is Islam.”

“This is not going to go away unless the left starts to be honest about who it is placing above others in the victimhood hierarchy.”

“We’re constantly told be careful what you say it’s not all Muslims, well I’m sorry but in 11 or 12 countries I could be killed just for being who I am, that’s not extremist that’s mainstream Muslim culture. Look at what’s happening in Sweden, Swedish politicians because they are so wrapped up in their crazy social justice cult that they’re telling people not to be provocative by taking their pride marches through Muslim areas, well I’m sorry but pride marches are specifically supposed to stick 2 fingers up at reactionary social conservatism and bigotry.”

“The tables have turned, for some reason not terrorists, not Islamists, ordinary Muslims who do not treat women well, who do not treat gays well are having excuses made for them, are being pandered to, are being mollycoddled and told they can do no wrong. They’re being told they have the right not to be offended, nobody has the right not to be offended.”

“When you start telling people they can get away with murder, sometimes they try to commit murder.”


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