Milo At Texas Tech: ‘Let’s Talk About Lesbians Faking Hate Crimes’


Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos began the first stop on his Dangerous Faggot tour at Texas Tech today to thunderous applause and cheers from a room of his adoring fans as Milo talked about Hillary Clinton, Lesbians and hate crime hoaxes.

The self proclaimed Dangerous Faggot opened the event event saying, “I think for my first speech back in America I should stick with a safe topic. What about TPP. Or Keynesian economics. Perhaps the finer points of pluralist theory? Nah. Let’s talk about lesbians faking hate crimes.”

“You know, to excite a bull, all you need to do is wave a red cloth. To excite a bull dyke, however, the red cloth has to have a KFC logo on it. But enough with the cheap jokes. We mustn’t get our kicks from insulting marginalized groups like lesbians. After all, we are told by the New York Times that LGBT people are twice as likely as any other group to be the target of hate crimes.”

“But is there, perhaps, more to this statistic than meets the eye? The reason the rate of LGBT hate crimes is so high might be because gays and lesbians are faking them. I’ve been looking at the data, and I discovered that lesbians in particular commit a disproportionate number of hate crime hoaxes.”

Milo then listed multiple hoax hate crimes committed by lesbians such as Dayna Morales, Julie Baker, Aimee Whitchurch, Christel Conklin, Alexandra Pennell, Kerri Dunn, Azalea Cooley and Sarah Kaspereit, all of whom claimed to be the victims of lesbian hate crimes and all of whom lied.

“It’s a world where feminist whingers can make hundreds of thousands of dollars by complaining about mean words from anonymous strangers on the internet, and everyone believes them and opens their wallets.” said Milo

Milo continued, “It’s weird, because there is a real problem of hate crimes and homophobic violence in the west. But it’s not perpetrated by white males or by the dwindling members of the Ku Klux Klan. It is of course perpetrated by Muslims.”

“Polls of Muslims in Britain show that more than 50 percent would like to see homosexuality made illegal, and that more than 20 percent want Sharia law implemented in the west. One hundred per cent of them think homosexuality is an unacceptable lifestyle choice. And that’s in a community that western leaders assure us is both peaceful and integrating.”

“Just imagine what it’s like with the millions of refugees who have been brought to western shores by suicidal European leaders. I wouldn’t want to be a woman or a homo in Germany today.”

“But of course, lesbianic feminist harpies can’t go after Muslims, because then they’d get no left wing sympathy. So they have to go back to the old scapegoat, white men, using increasingly outlandish hoaxes, because there simply aren’t enough real crimes to go around.”

Milo concluded his talk with a simple statement: “lesbians, if you want to be happy, suck a dick.”

MILO wore made to measure navy suit, Gieves & Hawkes, $2,995; button down Milano shirt, Brooks Brothers, $95; pink silk tie, Turnbull & Asser, $200; Gucci eel loafers in emerald, $730.



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