Milo Explains Why He’d Probably Be Straight If He Could

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Speaking at the University of Houston, Texas, Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos was asked by a fan about whether or not he’d choose to be gay or straight given the option.

“Well I was listening to your podcast with Joe Rogan,” said the young man to Milo during the Q&A session, “and I think you verbatim said your homosexuality was an elegant change within the revolutionary process, and that if you could choose you wouldn’t be homosexual.”

“And part of me thinks you almost have the opportunity to be like the Hank Aaron of homosexuality for conservatives, and I think in some way that stifles some young or any homosexual conservatives in expressing themselves that way,” he continued. “Do you think you’re essentially shitting on that opportunity or throwing it away, what’s your opinion on that?”

“Well I can speak in general terms about it,” began Milo, “I’ll tell you by the way that I’ve never encountered homophobia except from the progressive left when they find out I’m conservative. You know all of the places that you’re supposed to get it in the neck, people are sweet and kind and generous and wonderful, and Texas in particular, people are lovely.”

“When the left tells you that people were ‘born this way,’ that was an invention. They came up with that in the 90s and the 80s to get at the religious right who were saying love the sinner but hate the sin, so the gay lobby thought, ‘Well what if we’re like women or blacks, what if we don’t have a choice? That makes them bigots,'” Milo claimed. “So they came up with this born this way thing, which really has no basis in science at all. All the science suggests that its a mixture of nature and nurture.”

“My own attitude to this has been, we are all messy complicated people, and sometimes we’re in pain and sometimes we’re confused and sometimes we don’t know what we want,” he continued. “The progressive left insists that we acknowledge their bizarre, complex ways of describing themselves, their genderqueer, polyamorous, whatever. But if you say you’re a gay catholic or a gay conservative, suddenly their heads explode.”

“Well if I were to take a straight pill my career would be over, but I think I probably would, and I’ll tell you why. And I’ve never really heard this from other gay people, but it always seemed perfectly obvious to me,” he explained. “It’s not about bigotry or homophobia, because we could live in a perfect society, and in many ways we pretty much do, where people are not discriminated against on the basis of their sexuality, but for me and it might be [too much information] for some of you, but for me not being able to create a child with the person you love, you know, while you’re loving them, that gets you. You notice that.”

“And at some point when I’m tired of triggering special snowflakes on campuses, and I do it for all of you, at some point I’m going to get tired of that and I might quite like a little Milo and under normal mechanics. And for that reason I think I would take the pill,” he stated.


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