MILO Protester: ‘Milo Hacked Leslie Jones’ Twitter and Released Her Nudes’


A leader in the anti-Milo protest at Florida State University protest levelled a series of bizarre, unsubstantiated allegations at the Dangerous Faggot ahead of his talk.

The protester described MILO as a “racist misogynist” who “hates trans people.”

When asked, “What are some of the issues you have with Milo?” he replied with:

“Specifically, the biggest one that is easy to point at: He gathered all his fans and supporters to harass Leslie Jones online. He hacked Leslie Jones’ twitter to release her nudes and then, like, made it out to be like he was the victim of some sort of crime or something. When really he’s been bullying online Leslie Jones, who is a beautiful black woman. Who is part of the Ghostbuster movie, thus all of the nerd rage came down upon her.”

The protester then rolled his eyes dramatically.

He was then asked if he agreed with Twitter’s decision to ban Milo.

“Um, I think it was a great decision to ban Milo Yiannopoulos from Twitter because he spreads hate and hate speech. Um, that’s really not something I believe we should have in 2016 just being proliferated around the internet.”

What was their goal in protesting? He had this to say:

“Our goal is to show the university that we’re not okay with this kind of speaker being brought into speak. And to hopefully prevent the university from bringing another type of speaker like this to come speak at out school.”

But what’s his drive to protest? His deeper motivations? The protester told us:

“I have a general consciousness.”


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