Allum Bokhari At GMU: Social Media Is Rigged


During MILO’s talk at George Mason University, Breitbart Tech journalist and resident kebab Allum Bokhari explained how social media companies, dominated by leftists, are trying to sway the 2016 election.

He opened by citing the obvious bias of Twitter, who have banned MILO and other prominent users from the platform for off-hand comments, whilst routinely allowing incitement of violence from Black Lives Matter activists.

He went on to note the enormous power of Facebook, which now has 1.7 billion users, and “likes to ban people with the wrong political views,” such as Pamela Geller, a leading critic of Islam.

He also noted how Facebook’s voter turnout drive favours Hillary Clinton, as users of Facebook still skew young and Democrat.

However Bokhari noted that the most dangerous example of political bias is in fact at Google, who have purposely manipulated their search engine to screen out negative search suggestions such as “Hillary Clinton is a criminal,” and instead replace them with “Hillary Clinton is winning” and “Hillary Clinton is awesome.”

He also cited research from former Psychology Today editor-in-chief Robert Epstein, who found that the manipulation of search engine results can flip undecided voters by up to 20 percent in general, and up to 80 percent in specific demographics. 

“Every Silicon Valley company is tarnished by similar inconsistencies. There’s Apple, which keeps banning anti-Hillary or pro-Trump games on its store. There’s Reddit, which is putting extraordinary pressure on its community of Trump supporters not to spread to other areas of the site. Wherever there’s a Silicon Valley company, there’s bias,” he said.

“And that’s because their CEOs are all biased. At Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has said he wants Germany-style immigration for the United States. Sheryl Sandberg, as we learned yesterday, desperately wants Hillary Clinton to become President,” he continued. 

For Twitter, Bokhari simply gestured to an image of Jack Dorsey and DeRay Mckesson. 

“Do I really need to say any more?”

Written from prepared remarks. 

Watch MILO & Allum’s full talk below.

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