MILO: Jesse Jackson is ‘Richard Spencer With A Tan’


As part of his talk at University Wisconsin-Milwaukee on left-wing race-baiters, MILO described the civil rights activist and politician Jesse Jackson as “Richard Spencer with a tan.”

“Jesse Jackson is one of the true examples of the new breed of civil rights leaders that came up after MLK. People interested in personal power and personal wealth at the expense of the people he supposedly lead,” he said.

“He invented things you may find commonplace now. Like black leaders magically appearing when a black person is killed by the police, but disappearing when blacks kill each other,” he continued.

MILO went on to describe Jackson as “Richard Spencer with a tan” due to his infamous incident when he referred to New York as “hymietown” due to its large Jewish population. 

He went on to criticise the considerable fortune Jackson has made throughout his career, estimated at $10 million, whilst profiteering from companies such as Budweiser despite previously calling for a boycott. 

Jackson pioneered the opportunism we’d see from future prominent black leaders. It turns out race relations is a business, and business is good,” he added.

Written from prepared remarks. 

Watch MILO’s full talk at UWM below.

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