MILO: Harry Potter Seems to be ‘the Only Book That Millennial Liberals Can Reference’

Milo UCCS 3

Breitbart News Senior Editor MILO joked that J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter seemed to be “the only book that millennial liberals can reference,” during his talk about how Democrats lost the vote of the working man at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs tonight.

“Liberals have lots of theories for why working class whites abandoned them. The most obvious of which is their old standby, ‘they are racist’,” explained MILO. “That’s absurd… the same counties I just mentioned all voted for Obama, most of them twice. Besides, ‘crazy, corrupt and sick’ isn’t a race… Hillary Clinton is white.”

“They will also argue that whites voted this way out of anger,” he continued. “They voted for the clown candidate out of spite, to hurt the world that hurt them. This is a plot from a poorly written novel, it’s probably in Harry Potter somewhere since that is the only book that millennial liberals can reference.”

MILO continued to claim that “Again, like their other theories, that is insane. American voters had multiple options to express their displeasure with the system.”

“They might vote for third party candidates like Crazy Jill Stein and high as a kite Gary Johnson. Maybe even the heroic Jeb Bush,” he joked. “Or they could just stay home.  And guess what, Democrats did all three to varying degrees in different states. The Democrat push to get Republicans to vote third party failed disastrously at the same time. That McMuffin guy wouldn’t even win his home state of Utah.”

Written from prepared remarks.

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