J.D. Vance Slams Critical Race Theory: ‘Google Is Pushing It, Amazon Is Funding the Curriculum’

Appearing Thursday on Fox & FriendsHillbilly Elegy author, venture capitalist, and potential Republican Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance accused Silicon Valley giants such as Google and Amazon of supporting Critical Race Theory.

A transcript is as follows:

STEVE DOOCY: That Loudoun County, Virginia, community member is speaking out after being arrested in that heated school board meeting on Tuesday night, where parents pushed back against the district’s woke curriculum to fight against Critical Race Theory, among other things. There were 300 in attendance, 258 of them asked to speak. Ultimately, so many people are frustrated about what is going on in that school district, they just want to say their peace and the school board cut off, I think, 200 of them.

J.D. VANCE: Absolutely, you can. If you think about some of the most important and fundamental American rights, first is the right to free speech and actually have your voice heard. Second is to control what your kids see, hear, and listen to. One of the things that worries me about Critical Race Theory is it’s being pushed by all these powerful institutions in our society. The Biden Administration is pushing it; Google is pushing it, Amazon is funding the curriculum. Why do these people and institutions want us to believe that White people are oppressors, that black people are victims, that America is inherently evil?

“Why can’t parents speak up against it and push back against it?” he asked.


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