San Diego County Spent $20K on Transgender ‘Binders and Tuckers’

Getty Images/Alfonso Sangiao

San Diego County spent $20,000 of taxpayer funds on “binders and tuckers,” articles of clothing used by individuals who present as the opposite gender. 

The money went to the San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center with the intention of “funding for binders and tuckers to transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals,” a document from a County of San Diego Board of Supervisors meeting reveals. 

Binders and tuckers are articles of clothing that are used by males and females who want to mimic their opposite-sex peers. While binders flatten the chest to make women appear more masculine, tuckers are used to flatten the groin in order to make men appear more feminine.

The grant came from the county’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Fund, the document notes. The summary of the meeting, which occurred in December 2021, went on to explain “The funding source is General Purpose Revenue and Transient Occupancy Tax Revenues.”

San Diego County’s description of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Program reads, “Grant funds shall not be used for any purposes prohibited by laws governing the use of public funds, including but not limited to, religious, political campaigning, or purely private purposes or activities.”

The Transparency Foundation (TF), a non-partisan non-profit that focuses on transparency and accountability for public institutions, is skeptical about the nature of the grant. In one report TF says, “Assuming there are not more than 200-400 individuals so poor they cannot afford to purchase their own ‘binders and tuckers,’ our investigation flags this grant as questionable.”

TF’s investigation, which Breitbart News reported on, documented the use of taxpayer money by leftist organizations that engage in political advocacy and lobbying. The investigation noted that the San Diego LGBT Community Center remarks on their website, “Our voice is in our vote and with each election, we have another opportunity to flex our collective LGBTQ power.”

San Diego’s LGBT Community Center runs a get-out-the-vote effort that specifically targets those who identify as LGBT. The organization also advocates for specific policies, including the promotion of gender ideology curriculum in government schools. 

Other leftist organizations that engage in political advocacy and were highlighted by the TF investigation have also received grants from the Neighborhood Reinvestment Program. The San Diego Organizing Project, for example, received $9,000 to purchase a fridge, a microwave, a love seat, a MacBook Air, 10 tablets, floor mats, door mats, and other items.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Health Coalition received over $11,000 for technology upgrades and the Climate Action Campaign received $15,000 for printers, banners, keyboards, webcams, and other devices in order to “help staff increase their outreach and services to the community on climate literacy.”

Spencer Lindquist is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SpencerLndqst and reach out at


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