Exclusive: 1792 Exchange Promises to ‘Keep Pushing’ to End Corporate DEI After Tractor Supply Backed Down

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1792 Exchange CEO Daniel Cameron told Breitbart News Daily that the anti-corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) group will continue to push corporations to drop their pro-DEI stances following Tractor Supply backing down after its embrace of leftist policies.

Cameron, the former Republican attorney general of Kentucky, said that 1792 Exchange works to ensure that “corporations steer back to neutral” and resist pressure from leftist activist groups — such as the Human Rights Campaign, which compiles a corporate equality index to rate and subsequently pressure companies to adopt leftist positions, such as anti-climate change policies and diversity initiatives.

1792 Exchange was one of the many organizations and activists that lobbied Tractor Supply to scrap its DEI policies. The company promised it would eliminate DEI roles, retire DEI goals, and refocus its priorities toward agriculture education, animal welfare, veteran causes, and others while stopping sponsorship of pride festivals and voting campaigns.

Cameron explained, “At 1792 Exchange, we sent a letter to Tractor Supply, saying, ‘Look, you shouldn’t be filling out the corporate equality index. What you should be focused on is good business because if you fill out the corporate equality index and try to do something like Target and Bud Light, you’re going to hurt your bottom line.’ And, on the flip side, there’s legal exposure, as well — which you see with Activision and some airlines when they take these progressive stances and end up alienating those within their company with traditional values.”

Other activists, such as Robby Starbuck and Libs of TikTok, pushed back on Tractor Supply, as well:

Cameron said that by removing its DEI policies, Tractor Supply decided to “respect their customer base.”

He said that Americans should also champion companies when they ditch their DEI policies.

“1792 Exchange and other folks have to be willing to step up to the plate and hold these corporations accountable and encourage and promote them when they’re doing good things,” he said.

“We’ll keep pushing,” he added.

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