NBA Teams Struggling to Fill Arenas Even with $1 Tickets

NBA Teams Struggling to Fill Arenas Even with $1 Tickets

Even though NBA teams are offering tickets and concessions for as low as $1, fans are not filling stadiums in cities such as Detroit, Milwaukee, Charlotte, and Phoenix. 

Many of the teams with low attendance figures have not had good seasons. But the economy is another factor that contributes to the poor attendance numbers. Low ticket prices, in this economy, are often not enough to lure people to NBA games because they still may not be able to afford parking and concessions they would have to purchase at the games. 

According to Time, the Detroit Pistons, for instance, “are averaging 13,272 tickets sold per home game, and they play in the 21,000-seat Palace arena.”

The Milwaukee Bucks, who have the league’s fourth-worst attendance numbers, have held promotions in which tickets for kids 14 and under and hot dogs were $1.

The Charlotte Bobcats have also sold individuals tickets–in addition to season ticket packages–for $1. Last season, Charlotte offerred fans two season ticket packages for the price of one. 

In Phoenix, the Suns have offered fans “a money-back guarantee on tickets, promising that fans could get a refund if they weren’t satisfied with the team’s performance, or even if the beer in the arena was flat.”   

Regardless of these creative promotions, many NBA games are being played in nearly half-empty arenas.