Kel-Tec Pistols For Concealed Carry

Kel-Tec Pistols For Concealed Carry

Kel-Tec is an American firearm manufacturer who makes some very popular, and very concealable, carry pistols.

The P32 in .32 Auto and the P-3AT in .380 Auto are prominent among them.

These are very basic guns–polymer frames with steel slides–that are extremely light. In fact, at 6.6. ounces the P32 “‘is the lightest .32 Auto pistol ever made” and at 8.3 ounces the P-3AT is the “lightest .380 Auto pistol ever made.” 

Because of this, Kel-Tec makes a small clip for either gun which you hook over the top of your pants or jeans and literally carry the pistol between your clothes and your waist. (You can see the clip by clicking here.)

Or, if you wear boots, you can slide the pistol into your boot and the place the clip over the top of your boot to hold it in place. 

The P32 holds a total of eight rounds–seven in the magazine and one in the chamber, while the P-3AT holds seven rounds–six in the magazine and one in the chamber.  

Both pistols have a long trigger pull because they are double-action every time. This means every time you pull the trigger two things happen: 1. the hammer is pulled back and 2. released. 

This long trigger pull is good because it makes it difficult to accidentally discharge either pistol. And because there is not a lot of pressure on the trigger, both guns can be shot by men or women (with practice of course). 

In fact, female runners will find the P32 so light they can clip the pistol inside the waistband of their running shorts or pants with no problem. And the guns are so popular that Crimson Trace makes a laser for both pistols. Which means that under duress, a woman who pulls either gun in self-defense gets significant help in putting the bullet where it needs to go. (To view the Crimson Trace laser for Kel-Tec pistols click here.) 

Note–these guns are not designed for plinking. They are self-defense weapons, made to be used to defend one’s life in close quarters. How good are they for this purpose? I have a P32 in my boot right now.