Musburger Autographs Katherine Webb Bikini Poster: 'She's a 10!'

Musburger Autographs Katherine Webb Bikini Poster: 'She's a 10!'

ESPN sportscaster Brent Musburger, again showing he does not care what the politically correct crowd thinks of him, autographed a poster of Katherine Webb in a bikini on Monday night with the words “She’s a 10!”

An Iowa State student asked Musburger to sign his poster of Webb before Monday night’s game between Iowa State and Kansas, and the student tweeted out a photo after Musburger signed the poster. 

During this year’s BCS title game between Alabama and Notre Dame, which Alabama won, Musburger remarked that Webb, who is the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, was beautiful and encouraged kids in Alabama to start honing their quarterbacking skills so they can become the starting quarterback at Alabama and date hot women like Webb.

Musburger simply stated Webb is stunning and the starting quarterback at Alabama dates beautiful women. Both were facts, and yet the politically correct crowd threw a fit immediately after the broadcast, forcing ESPN to issue an apology for Musburger’s comments even though Webb did not find them offensive in the least. Webb’s father even said the comments were not offensive and people needed to give Musburger “a break.” 

Musburger, to his credit, did not issue an apology for his comments rocketed Webb toward stardom. Webb was a Super Bowl correspondent for entertainment networks and will appear in Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit issue and star in a reality show. Webb is a former Miss Alabama and has said participating in pageants helped her gain confidence because she has had to struggle overcoming vitiligo, which is the same skin condition that Michael Jackson had.