Flacco: Record-Setting Contract Gives Me 'Respect'

Flacco: Record-Setting Contract Gives Me 'Respect'

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said multiple times his record NFL contract was not about the money, but his insistence that it was about “respect” proved that, in the NFL, money does does the talking when it comes to respect and reputation.

After signing his six-year, $120 million contract ($56 million is guaranteed), Flacco said it “wasn’t necessarily about the money” and more “about earning that respect and feeling like I was respected around here.”

“The fact that they have made me that definitely makes me feel good about how I played and how they feel about me,” Flacco said. 

Flacco also noted he hoped Baltimore could bring back some of his teammates to make another run at the Super Bowl.

Flacco’s play improved drastically after Jim Caldwell replaced offensive coordinator Cam Cameron right before the playoffs and became Flacco’s play-caller. That combination led Baltimore to the franchise’s second Super Bowl win when they beat the San Francisco 49ers 34-31. 

Flacco turned down a contract extension last season because he thought he was worth more, and he showed that worth during the playoffs with the help of Caldwell’s plays.