Opinion: Bears Should Sign Tebow

Opinion: Bears Should Sign Tebow

The time has come Chicago Bears. It’s time to ignore the media. It’s time to upgrade your club at little cost. It’s time. Tebow time.

Tim Tebow was cut by the Patriots this weekend despite throwing for two scores in his final preseason game and rushing well all camp long.  Their loss. Now the question is…what team will gain?

Yes, we know all the criticism. His mechanics are off. He’s a distraction. Oh, and that whole Jesus thing gets in the way too much. Don’t fall for the hype, Bears. You’re smarter than that, right?

Tebow is a winner. He will run through a wall for you. He is tough as nails. Best of all, you’d be playing with house money. What’s the harm? You haven’t won the whole shebang since 1985. So if you brought Tebow in, the worst case scenario would be, well, status quo. A great sports city still yearning for that elusive second shuffle.

The best case scenario would be a wrinkle in Marc Trestman’s innovative offense that would be maddening for opposing defenders to deal with. If Jay Cutler goes down for a game or two, Tim Tebow would provide the Bears with some energy and hope. Remember when Cutler went down in the NFC title game? How about when he was injured during the regular season? Did you really feel comfortable with the Caleb Hanies or Jason Campbells of the world? How about the ridiculousness that was Todd Collins? Tebow would put teams on their heels. His running ability alone is something worth considering. Plus he can contribute in other ways.

Tebow can be used on special teams and in Wildcat sets. Not to mention his uncanny ability in short yardage situations. The Bears two point conversion package could be the best in the league.

Right now, after bidding adieu to Jordan Palmer, the Bears are left with Cutler and journeyman Josh McCown as their only signal callers. Adding Tebow to the mix at little cost is pure gravy. It can only help. You can have a man with the same amount of playoff wins as Cutler for next to nothing.

It’s OK, Bears. We know you’ve bowed to the pressure of the media and the uninformed portion of the fan base before. Heck, you just canned Lovie Smith after he won ten games (the same amount or better than four Super Bowl champions) and had the support of virtually all the players. So it may take some coddling. I’m here to serve.

Bear down, Chicago Bears. Sign Tim Tebow. Little money for a man who will give you everything he has, all the time. It’s OK, Bears. Mike Ditka likes him. Marc Trestman likes him. Chicago likes winners. It’s OK, Bears. It’s time.