NFL Cuts Back On Number Of Good Guys With Guns

NFL Cuts Back On Number Of Good Guys With Guns

A new NFL security policy bars off-duty police officers from carrying their guns into football games.

Although it is normal for police officers to carry a gun 24/7–in case they come face to face with a criminal whom they had arrested and who may have revenge on his mind–the NFL says police who are not specifically assigned to work the game are not allowed to carry their guns.

Cleveland, Ohio’s 19 Action News uncovered this “new NFL security policy” and reported that police unions are disappointed. 

Cleveland-area union president Jeff Tiller responded to the policy by pointing out that police officers are still police officers whether they are on duty or not: “I understand they’re screening a little bit more with metal detectors, but you know when we walk through city streets we’re police officers too.” 

Moreover, Tiller said “you never know what’s going to happen or when it’s going to happen.” So the more good guys with guns the better.

But NFL head of security Jeff Miller sees it differently. He says, “The likelihood that there’s a need for the use of force by an off-duty officer is extremely remote.”

Remote or not, it is nice for a good guy to have a gun when a bad guy intends to use one.

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