MMA Fighter Delivers Beatdown on Robbers

MMA Fighter Delivers Beatdown on Robbers

When you try to roll strangers, you really roll the dice.

Houston thieves discovered this the hard way earlier this month. Spotting an employee returning to the Fuel Depot from the bank, a trio of robbers attempted to make an unauthorized withdrawal. Unfortunately for them, the five-time Sri Lankan mixed-martial-arts champion worked behind the counter that day. He filled up the motorists with an unleaded, premium beatdown.

Mayura Dissanyake sends one bandit to the ground with a kick to the gut, drops one perpetrator-turned-victim with a punch, and then–surely in an offense against the Marquess of Queensberry if not the law–he unleashes a barrage of kicks on a downed opponent. The criminals abandon their accomplice to suffer the punishment alone. There’s no honor among thieves.

Houston cops arrested Odell Mathis. His confederates remain at large if cut down to size.