Cops I.D. Browns Fan Who Urinated on Art Modell's Grave

Cops I.D. Browns Fan Who Urinated on Art Modell's Grave

One would think that at 61 Paul Serbu would empathize more than most with the motionless Morlocks inhabiting graveyards.

Baltimore County, Maryland police have charged the Franklin, Ohio man with disorderly conduct in a cemetery for allegedly urinating on the grave of Art Modell, who infamously moved the Browns from Cleveland to Baltimore in the mid-1990s. Serbu faces a maximum of two years in jail and a $500 fine if convicted by a jury of his peers, which, hopefully for his sake, includes fans of Lou Groza, Bernie Kosar, and Otto Graham and not Tony Siragusa, Ray Lewis, and Joe Flacco. A prospective juror who names Jamal Lewis his favorite player in the jury selection process would present a real dilemma to Serbu’s lawyers.

Perhaps more distressing to Super Brownie than the charge is the fact that the police disclosed his secret identity. Apparently, switching from an Ed Reed jersey into a Lyle Alzado shirt didn’t disguise Serbu enough for the sleuths in the Old Line State.

“I had no choice,” the mingent man says in the urinating YouTube clip. “Anybody says, ‘It’s been about fifteen years. Art’s dead. Let it go.’ You know what? F— You. You let it go.”

It’s hard to argue with the F-bomb. 

Serbu faces a February 10 court date, which is surely just fine by him as it gives him nine days to recover after the Browns win the Super Bowl.