Tawana Brawley's Publicist Lectures Gilbert Arenas on Civility

Tawana Brawley's Publicist Lectures Gilbert Arenas on Civility

After former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas blasted Al Sharpton on Instagram this week for inserting himself into the Michael Brown controversy that has caused riots in Ferguson, Missouri, Sharpton blasted back when questioned by TMZ Sports.

Sharpton, who had to be informed by TMZ exactly who Arenas is, snapped, “I think that using a racial term tells you more about him than me.” Sharpton, who has referred to Jews as “diamond merchants,” whites as “crackers,” and the civilization that gave the world The Odyssey and The Iliad as “those Greek homos,” added about Arenas, “One day he’ll learn he shouldn’t talk about people like that.”

Arenas criticized Sharpton harshly:

FAMILiES of the victims pleaseeeeee stop asking #alsharpton to speak or ur behalf,you have a better chance having #caesar the monkey from #planetoftheapes to get justice for you..the stats also show AL coon sharpton has not helped one situation he has protested at,he actually made it worst and because of him the jury goes the other way..(think about it) Jena six,trayvon and the list goes back way back..#AL ur like a #THOT in the club,lookn for attention what u said at trayvons rally #enoughisenough ur right were tired of u PRETENDING”

When informed that Agent Zero thought Sharpton was inflaming the situation in Ferguson, the MSNBC host responded: “How? By helping the family and working for peace?”

Sharpton concluded, “Put his record up in what he does and mine in civil rights and we’ll see who won or lost more.”

Freddie’s Fashion Mart? Tawana Brawley? Duke lacrosse?