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Interview: SB Champion Clint Didier on Run for Congress, Sarah Palin, & Redskins Flap

Interview: SB Champion Clint Didier on Run for Congress, Sarah Palin, & Redskins Flap
Sarah Palin recently spoke out in favor of the Washington Redskins keeping their historic nickname. Now, the former Alaska governor is backing a two-time Super Bowl-winning Redskins star, who’s happy to have her support.
“It was a great boost,” said Clint Didier, a former ‘Skins tight end running for Congress in Washington State’s 4th District. “Within 24 hours we had over five thousand likes (on social media), we increased the revenue coming in to the campaign.”
In the meantime, the congratulations have come rolling in at every turn. “These people of the 4th Congressional District love Sarah Palin,” Didier said. “Who wouldn’t? She stands for liberty and that’s what this country’s all about.”
As for Didier, he stands for liberty, too. He’s been called a combination of John Wayne, Davy Crockett, and George Washington. Didier is a bit more modest than that assessment. “I’m a simple individual that got to live the American Dream because of other people’s sacrifices,” he said. “I want to make sure that our kids have that same opportunity. I’m willing to fight to my last breath to make sure that I do everything that I can to preserve it so every child and every child to come has that shot at the American Dream.”  
Didier is locked in a two-way race for Congress after finishing first in a 12-candidate primary election free-for-all back in August. He’s pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and pro-traditional marriage. You can see why he caught Palin’s eye. Not unlike the former Alaska governor, he’s also a believer in American exceptionalism. 
“We’re allowed to dream and think and create,” Didier said. “That’s why we’re special…because we’re free.”
Didier, like so many top athletes, believes in a classic, commonsense conservatism. Those who succeed in sports are often of that ilk. It’s not coincidental if you ask Didier. Competition leads to conservatism.
“As much as the Left tries to take it out of America, we love to compete,” said Didier. “When you’re a champion, there’s no equality in being number one. Competition is what drives Americans to succeed.”
According to Didier, this is the most dangerous time for the American Republic since World War II. He blames career politicians. “They’ve spent us into oblivion,” Didier maintained.
Since retiring from the NFL, Didier and his wife have been farmers. Today, the family farms a thousand acres. Didier is vowing to fight for farmers across the country. He contends that the Farm Bill is a nothing more than a welfare bill. “It’s an injustice to farmers,” said Didier. “Farmers need to be liberated. Government controls the markets with their ability to set the price on commodities. Let the private sector, let the free market set the price. Get the government out of farming, get the government out of healthcare, get the government out of our retirement funds and we will be a far better nation.”
A bold “No Tax Pledge” stands as another part of Didier’s campaign for the House. He vows to say “no” to new taxes and oppose any increase in existing taxes. He promises to vote against anything that will grow the federal government by even one dollar. “The alternative is America ceasing to be America,” Didier warned.
While ISIS, the Gaza Strip, Ferguson, and other real problems continue to effect Americans, the ridiculousness of whether an NFL franchise should change its nickname continues to make headlines. When Hall of Famer Mike Ditka called out the politically correct who have campaigned against the Redskins name, Palin credited Ditka for not backing down.
Didier, who spent six of his eight pro seasons with Washington, agrees with Ditka and Palin. He even believes there may be more to this whole flap than meets the eye.   
“If the American people were truly offended by the Redskins name then they wouldn’t be going to the games and they wouldn’t be buying all that memorabilia,” Didier said.
Earlier this year, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled the Washington Redskins’ trademark registration. Didier wonders why team owner Daniel Snyder, a conservative donor, was really stripped of patents.
Is it about the name or is it about Snyder supporting conservatives? “This is a question that needs to be posed about this attack on the Redskins,” Didier said.
For now Didier is worrying about more pressing issues as he runs for Congress. He feels that if he trusts in God, success will come. Lessons he’s learned from Joe Gibbs and others have proven to him that all things are possible. Along with his deep faith, sensible ideas, and love of country, Didier also has something his opponent certainly does not have. As Didier puts it, “I’ve got the Mama Grizzly on my side.” That he does.


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