Um, Chevy Colorado Guy and Stuff

Um, Chevy Colorado Guy and Stuff

Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner, GM Brian Sabean, and manager Bruce Bochy all acted like they had been there before (because they had). Rikk Wilde, evidently, hadn’t.

The “all-new, 2015 Chevy Colorado” can have that effect on a man.

Rikk Wilde, a Chevrolet “regional zone manager” from Kansas, presented Madison Bumgarner with the World Series MVP trophy, and a new Chevy Colorado, Wednesday night. He presented television viewers with an unintentional imitation of the late Chris Farley.  

The nervous yet long-winded car salesmen noted Chevy’s status as the “as the official sponsor, er, the official vehicle of Major League Baseball” and told how the new truck, “Um, it combines class, winning, and leading, you know, technology and stuff.” All the while, he searched for words and air.

Does this put to rest the idea that all car salesmen come across slick, slimy, and inauthentic?

Bud Selig didn’t like it. But, like the World Series itself, it’s unscripted, it’s live, it’s Wilde television.


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