Beastmode 2.0: Stronger Pot Strain Named for Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch Super Bowl (Dan Flynn Photo)

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshall Lynch, nicknamed “Beastmode,” sees his moniker applied to a new, stronger strain of marijuana.

The Queen Anne Cannabis Club nicknamed last year’s crop “Beastmode” in honor of Lynch. The owner of the shop, Nate “Diggity” Johnson, told TMZ that “Beastmode” did such great business that the pot growers developed “Beastmode 2.0,” containing 5% more THC. The growers initially named “Beastmode” “Girl Scout Cookies,” but after they harvested it, saw that it had a stronger kick.

Johnson boasted of Beastmode 2.0, “It’s a super pain reliever. And hits you just like Marshawn — hard and fast.”

Culver City, California, cops arrested Lynch in 2009 after smelling marijuana in a car he sat in with friends. The police found four joints in the car.

Like marijuana users, Lynch sometimes disappears from job obligations, snacks on junk food, and exhibits communications problems (like PCP users, he runs through other men as though they were paper). Should Beast Mode opt to give Beast Mode a try, followed by the obligatory pack of Skittles, he may smoke easier knowing that the NFL has eased up on marijuana–just not as much as Washington State.


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