Aaron Hernandez’s ‘Get Done’ List

Aaron Hernandez
The Associated Press

Aaron Hernandez doesn’t follow a to-do list. He keeps a get-done list.

The former New England Patriot’s phone didn’t remind him to “murder friend execution style in vacant lot.” But it did contain such cryptic notes as “stolen range,” “send rounds,” “Eva,” “troll,” and “hummer.” Hmmm.

The device also offered items less opaque in meaning, such as “all plays in new binder” and “cleats from stadium garage.”

The disgraced tight end also apparently supplements his diet with “fish oils,” which alternatively may be Hernandezspeak for “shoot best friend in the eye outside of a Florida strip club” or “murder two Cape Verdean immigrants.”

The prosecution doesn’t make that argument. But the defense on Thursday held that the video of the Glock in Hernandez’s hand taken on his home surveillance just after Odin Lloyd’s murder was really a toy.

The defense cross-examined a Glock salesman on the image of Hernandez: “You don’t have any supernatural powers of vision, do you?”

At the top of the defense’s get-done list has to be explaining the supernatural power that put a toy gun in Aaron Hernandez’s hand minutes after the murder of his friend less than a mile from his house.