Tim Tebow Puts Quick End to Fight at Eagles-Ravens Joint Practice

Tim Tebow
The Associated Press
Philadelphia, PA

On Wednesday the joint practice between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Baltimore Ravens almost devolved into a fistfight. But before the brawl got too far along, Eagles QB Tim Tebow waded into the confrontation and put a quick end to it all.

Were it not for Tebow’s quick-thinking peacekeeping, the Ravens-Eagles practice might have joined several other recent NFL joint sessions by devolving into a full-blown fist fight.

Earlier in training camp, for instance, donnybrooks erupted at both the Rams and Cowboys and the Redskins and Texans joint practices.

But according to Michael Tanier, Tebow ran into the middle of the growing argument and the players “parted like the Re Sea.”

There have been no reports on what caused the tiff or who started it. But since Tebow ended it so quickly, maybe it doesn’t matter?

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