Hoopster Sarah Palin Swats Cruz, Assists Trump Following Bob Knight Endorsement

Sarah Palin Basketball

Countless Americans play Fantasy Sports, but this is ridiculous.

In the imaginary world that Ted Cruz apparently now resides, the mathematically eliminated presidential hopeful let the world know this week that his running mate is his former GOP presidential opponent Carly Fiorina. Usually, candidates unveil their pick for veep after they have secured their party’s nomination. At the very least, they wait until ‘perceived nominee’ status is cast upon them—but not Cruz. The Texas Senator has tabbed Fiorina despite the fact that Cruz is a distant second behind Republican front runner Donald Trump and fresh off of losing five states to Trump in a single night. He is down three games to none and trailing big late in Game 4. It’s over. But Cruz hopes to somehow undo this reality.

This move is beyond a head scratcher. It’s a grand waste of time. The Philadelphia Phillies naming their starter for Game 1 of the World Series would make more sense than this Cruz-Fiorina imagination amalgamation. The Tennessee Titans game planning for the Super Bowl would be less reckless than this pathetic effort to somehow get back in the news cycle.

Perhaps former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin put it best. Palin swatted Cruz on Facebook, writing, “It’s smarter to actually put the ball through the HOOP before you claim victory.” Palin included some great vintage photos of her basketball playing days. The state champion hoopster knows a thing or two about what it takes to win.

Hours later Palin praised a basketball icon for his endorsement of Mr. Trump.

‘Bobby Knight Endorses Trump! Coach Knight knows what it takes! This means a lot to Americans who really want to win again. Thank you, Coach Knight. You’ve always been a courageous one. And thank you, Hoosiers! And all the other states who slam dunked it for FREEDOM last night! Your good judgement in trusting the Trump Movement with your vote is so incredibly encouraging! Gives us faith in the oncoming Great Awakening many of us recognize and appreciate, where the GOP Machine shall deservedly be dismantled while eradicating the stupidity of the failed Liberals’ agenda via votes representing the will of the people. Americans are sick and tired of the corrupt Establishment’s status quo, so kudos to you: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania for last night’s victories. The Trump Movement will not disappoint.
We need a revolution; we’ve found our revolutionary for America to win. Our candidate has the will to win. More importantly, as proven by his unmatched work ethic and record of success, Donald Trump has the “will to prepare to win…”‘

So, while Cruz plays Fantasy Politics and John Kasich does God knows what with all sorts of cuisine, those who are serious about making America great again are focused on doing what it takes to win the White House fair and square. Palin, Trump, and Knight. Now, that’s a Big Three for the ages.


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