Bob Costas Pitches ‘Compromise’ on How NFL Should Deal With Anthem Protests

AP Photo
The Associated Press
New York, NY

During a press luncheon in New York City on Monday, Costas proposed an anthem protest compromise between NFL players and the fans.

The Sporting News describes Costas’ idea this way:

What if NFL players protesting social issues, ranging from Kaepernick’s protest of police shootings of unarmed black men to Mike Evans’ protest of the election of Donald Trump, agreed to stay in the locker room during the singing of the national anthem?

That way, fans in the stadium, and the millions watching at home, would be spared the sight of players kneeling or sitting out the presentation of Old Glory and the singing of the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

In return, the teams, on their own dime and own time, would arrange press conferences for players to share their views. Team facilities would be used for these pressers. And the clubs would invite press to attend for them, making sure their message was widely heard.

Costas elaborated further, “It might be more prudent for the league and the teams to say, ‘We will make an organized forum available. You want to state what your position is? We’ll make it available. We’ll have the press there. And if you want to remain in the locker room, remain in the locker room.’

“I think you would get more clarity. Player A says, ‘I am staying in the locker room for this reason.’ Player B says, ‘I am staying in the locker room for this reason.’ Player C says, ‘I’m coming out and standing for the anthem for this reason.’ But I’d give them all an opportunity to articulate, in a clear way, what their position is. Rather than have the world wonder.”

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