Die Hard Michigan Fan Hypnotized, Betrays Wolverines, Praises Buckeyes

VIDEO: Michigan Man Verne Troyer Hypnotized to Trash Beloved Wolverines

The postseason in the NFL, and the bowl season in college football, sometimes make for strange allies.

Erstwhile enemies frequently find themselves rooting for bitter rivals, because if that hated foe wins it somehow benefits the playoff seeding or conference reputation of our favorite teams.

Getting yourself into the right mental state to stomach supporting a team you spent your whole life rooting against makes for quite the psychological exercise. To help you get in the right frame of mind, you might want to do what Michigan fan Verne Troyer did, and get hypnotized.

Not that Troyer did this because he plans on pulling for Ohio State. Still, Troyer hails from Michigan and is a lifelong Wolverines fan. Yet, through the powers of hypnosis, Troyer says truly terrible things that no fan of the Maize & Blue should ever have to say.

Watch, and know no matter how much you love your team. This could happen to you:

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