Insane Ohio State Fan Blames Kicker for 31-Point Loss to Clemson

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Fans notoriously blame weird and bizarre things for the demise of their favorite sports teams, normally based on superstition or some kind of jinx.

Normally, normal people do not blame the person with the least impact on the game when their team gets blown out by 31 points. Then there’s this particular Ohio State fan.

After Ohio State got shut out in a bowl game on New Year’s Eve, for the first time since 1920, this fan found an unlikely culprit for his team’s blowout loss. He blamed Ohio State’s field goal kicker Tyler Durbin:

To recap, Tyler Durbin missed two field goals. Had he made them, they would have resulted in exactly six points. Six points, in a game that Ohio State lost by 31. So how in the world can he be singled out and made responsible for the Buckeye’s loss?

Meanwhile, Ohio State Quarterback J.T. Barrett had a QBR of 12.7 on Saturday night, the Buckeye offensive line consistently gave up sacks when Clemson would only rush three or four players, and, let’s not forget, the Ohio State defense that allowed 470 yards and couldn’t get off the field.

Any one of those factors would have had a far greater impact than Durbin, who would have had to kick and make eleven field goals in order to win the game for Ohio State.

That’s asking a bit much.

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