Vanity Fair: Breitbart Co-opted Tom Brady


In an article republished in Vanity Fair,’s chief media critic James Warren complains that Breitbart News “adopted” Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as “the latest victim of a liberal social-media conspiracy.”

From Vanity Fair:

If only it were The Onion. But it’s Breitbart News.

“Liberals explode with vitriol as #NotMySuperBowlChamps trends on social media” is the headline atop this profound cultural revelation:

“As the New England Patriots took yet another Super Bowl win, liberals from coast to coast exploded with vitriol on social media, furious that a team with tangential links to President Donald Trump came out on top Sunday. Since that final touchdown, the hashtag #NotMySuperBowlChamps and other similar tags have been trending.” (Breitbart)


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