Former Sports Analyst Keith Olbermann Caught in Blatant Hypocrisy Over Comey Firing

Jason Kempin/Getty
Jason Kempin/Getty

Partisan bomb thrower and former sports analyst¬†Keith Olbermann is being called out for rank, partisan hypocrisy with his reaction to President Donald Trump’s dismissal of FBI Chief James Comey.

Olbermann has recently been relegated to a little-seen YouTube channel where he unleashes partisan, and often unhinged, attacks on President Donald Trump and Republicans. But, he also loves to unload his bile on Twitter, and it is his tweets that best reveal his hypocrisy over the Comey case.

As it happens, back during the past election Olbermann was calling for President Obama to fire Comey as, like many other liberals at the time, Olbermann had pronounced his lack of confidence in the FBI director.

Though, now that it is President Trump doing the firing, suddenly Olbermann is joining other leftists with an extreme reaction to the incident.

Back on November 6, after Comey said he would not recommend charges to be filed against Hillary Clinton for her email scandal, Olbermann posted a tweet still calling for Comey to be fired, saying, “Nope. Our bipartisan moment. This man’s position at the FBI is no longer tenable #FireComey.”

Even though Olbermann himself wanted Comey fired, once President Trump made his decision this week, suddenly the failed sportscaster was rooting for Trump’s impeachment over the firing.

That one tweet above is hardly the only time Olbermann demanded that Comey be fired, or that he should resign. The vitriolic yacker tweeted several attacks on Comey’s character back during the past election.

Twitter users quickly exposed Olbermann’s hypocrisy, Alex Griswold being just one.

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