Grab Your Dad Jeans and Your Best Prescription Shades, Charlie Sheen Has the Original Cast Committed to Major League III

major league

The project does not have funding yet, however, TMZ is reporting that Charlie Sheen has “the entire cast” on board for the filming of Major League III. The project also has a script, which Sheen refers to as “dynamite.”

Weirdly, Major League III would actually be the fourth movie of the baseball comedy franchise. The original movie, Major League, a huge box office success, debuted in 1989. The second, Major League II came out in 1994, while the third movie, the very forgettable Major League: Back to the Minors, completely flopped.

This might explain the desire to refer to name the new project as Major League III, thus helping to forever erase the memory of Back to the Minors. That, and the nearly 20 years that have elapsed since the last edition of a Major League affiliated film, should help the new movie, should it get funding.

If the movie does get made, one can count on lots of middle-aged men in the audience and, one would assume, a lot of actors of original cast members portraying coaches instead of players.

After all, by the time this movie gets made, if Wesley Snipes tries to steal home, he may not get back up.

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