SI’s Peter King Questions President Trump’s Sanity After Hurricane Joke About the Media

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President Trump’s trip to hurricane-ravaged Texas brought out words of praise from some circles, and words of criticism from others. As for the words that came from the sports media circle, well, I’m sure you can guess which category those words fell into.

On Saturday night, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King reacted strongly to a joke President Trump told about the media. After President Trump praised the Coast Guard for “going into winds the media would not go into…unless it’s a really good story,” King tweeted this:

This tweet really does achieve peak snowflake status. Trump, clearly, was making a joke. His apparent crime, being that he made it at the expense of people who can’t take a joke. The other charge that could justifiably be made against Trump, is that the joke wasn’t all that funny.

However, to take that middling attempt at humor and then question Trump’s sanity, makes me wonder whether we shouldn’t question Peter King’s sanity. Then again, King has never kept his political leanings a secret. King was one of the first sports writers to stop using the Redskins name. Even doubling down on the decision after a Washington Post poll revealed that 90% of American Indians disagreed with him, and had no problem with the name.

Plus, of course, who could forget the time King agreed with socialist Bernie Sanders on Twitter:

And then doubled down on his socialism when challenged on it:

Yeah, it’s probably not President Trump’s mental sanity we need to be worried about here.



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