U.S. Men Win Curling Gold Over Swedish Team

UPI richard Ellis
UPI Photo/Richard Ellis

Feb. 24 (UPI) — The latest gold medal for Team USA at the Pyeongchang Olympics came from its men’s curling squad.

Team USA beat Sweden 10-7 on Saturday after previously falling to the Swedes 10-4 during the round-robin stage of the Olympic tournament.

It was a big achievement for Team USA — marking the first American gold medal in curling events — led by skip John Shuster. Shuster was joined by John Landsteiner, Tyler George, Matt Hamilton and alternate Joe Polo, according to Team USA’s website.

Men’s curling has been a historically weak sport for Team USA. In Sochi, the men’s team came in ninth place and at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, the squad came in last place.