Watch: Bills’ Zay Jones Involved in Nude, Bloody Struggle with His Brother in L.A. Apartment Building

AP Adrian Kraus
AP Photo/Adrian Kraus

The NFL offseason normally gives us at least one or two bizarre  arrest stories, but this is weird even by NFL standards.

Buffalo Bills WR Zay Jones and his brother Vikings WR Cayleb Jones, were involved in a highly unusual, nude encounter in an L.A. apartment building on Monday night. Which allegedly included an attempted suicide, and, by night’s end, made the hallway look like a bloody “murder scene.”

In the video, Zay Jones, who is completely naked, can be heard saying that he’s going to “Fight for Jesus.” At one point, Zay pulls his brother to the side and runs down the hallway towards Cayleb’s girlfriend’s apartment. Shortly after, a large crash can be heard and a a woman screams. Witnesses told TMZ that Cayleb was trying to stop Zay from leaping out of the 30th floor window of the building.


According to TMZ:

We’re told at some point, he ran back out of the apartment, entered a public balcony area and smashed his foot through a window.

We’re told Zay actually tried to squeeze through the hole in the window, but Cayleb restrained him until police arrived, and arrested him for felony vandalism.

Law enforcement told TMZ that Zay is being held in the medical ward of the Los Angeles County Jail, but did not give a definitive statement on is condition.

The Buffalo Bills told TMZ, “We are still in the process of gathering more information on the matter. At this point, we will have no further comment.”

The NFL has not yet made a statement on the matter.

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