Kangaroo Takes Over Australian Soccer Field, Immediately Begins Making Saves

Getty Images/Jami Tarris

While the vast majority of the soccer watching world had their gaze fixed upon the World Cup in Russia, a new player entered the field of play and almost stole the show.

A kangaroo took the field of a women’s semi-pro soccer match in Australia over the weekend. Not only that, the marauding marsupial immediately began making plays.

Granted, those shots were not fired with the intensity of a Neymar or a Harry Kane. But not a bad showing for his first appearance. The Australian soccer team has not fared well in the World Cup so far. The “Socceroos” have played two games, with one loss and one tie. They’ve allowed three goals and only scored twice.

Australia is set to face Peru on Tuesday, still plenty of time to get this kangaroo to Russia.

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