MLB Commissioner Believes World Series Winner Will Visit White House

Rob Manfred
AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred believes that this year’s World Series champion will visit the White House, regardless of who wins.

Prior to Game 2 of the Fall Classic on Wednesday night, the commissioner laid out his optimistic view of a future White House visit to reporters.

“I think as an institution, Major League Baseball has always had the greatest respect for the office of the presidency,” Manfred said via TMZ. “That doesn’t change, no matter who’s there.

“Often we’ve had situations where individuals, players, whatever, don’t agree with all of the policies of the individual that occupies the office. I think the important thing is respect for the office.”

While Major League Baseball has stayed relatively free of controversy involving the anthem, or President Trump. There’s some cause to believe that Manfred might be too optimistic about a White House visit free of politics.

AS TMZ reports:

Red Sox manager Alex Cora has expressed displeasure with Trump just last month for ‘disrespecting’ his native Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

‘To be tweeting about 3,000 people [dying] and being efficient, it’s actually disrespectful for my country,’ Cora said. ‘We see it that way. I know he probably doesn’t feel that way.’

On the Dodgers side, Magic Johnson HATES Trump — and has previously compared him to a ‘dictator.’

After the 2017 World Series, the Houston Astros attended the White House as a team.

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