WATCH: Madison Bumgarner Angrily Shouts at Max Muncy After Mammoth Home Run

Getty Images/Yong Teck

It’s been quite a week for the unwritten rules of baseball. Earlier in the week, the benches cleared in a minor league game after a hitter laid down a bunt to break up a no-hitter. On Sunday, an umpire had to keep Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner from angrily confronting Dodgers 1st baseman Max Muncy after the latter crushed a huge home run shot to Covey Cove.

The moment came when Muncy was behind, 2-1 in the count. Bumgarner delivered a 92 MPH pitch that Muncy promptly deposited in Covey Cove, an estimated 426 feet away.


However, as can clearly be seen, Muncy took a moment to admire his home run before taking off and rounding the bases. This, clearly irked Bumgarner who immediately began shouting in Muncy’s direction. And why did Bumgarner feel the need to shout at Muncy? Because, according to the unwritten rules of baseball, one is never allowed to admire their handiwork as the ball sails out of the park. Which is bizarre, on many levels, but especially considering that pitchers frequently celebrate striking out hitters and there appears to be no problem with that.

Maybe it’s time to write a new rule into baseball’s list of unwritten rules: If you give up a bazillion foot home run, you lose your right to yell at the guy who gave it a ride.

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