WATCH: Russian ‘Bazooka Arms’ Beaten in MMA Debut

Russian Instagram star Kirill "Bazooka Arms" Tereshin finally tested his …
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Russian Instagram star Kirill “Bazooka Arms” Tereshin finally tested his mettle in the ring, but his bazookas seemed to misfire in his MMA debut.

Tereshin, 23, challenged fitness blogger Oleg Mongol, who hails from Russian Republic of Khakassia, to an MMA-style fight. Tereshin, who became an Internet star a few years ago for artificially inflating his arms with Synthol drug injections, was reportedly in the Russian armed forces.

Bazooka Arm’s fighting career, though, was quickly torpedoed.

The fight started relatively even with both men trading some good shots. Then Bazooka Arms started racking up some decent hits. Mongol was even knocked to the mat with one explosive bazooka blow. But after a few minutes, Bazooka Arms suddenly looked tired and the two ended up on the mat with Mongol pressing an elbow deep into Bazooka’s neck.

Ultimately, the Instagram star looked panicked as he tapped out. The action starts at the 14:11 mark:

The pair ended on good terms, though. Both hugged it out after the match.

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