ESPN’s Kenny Mayne Blasts Aubrey Huff’s Anti-Socialism Tweet: ‘It Is Not Normal’

Kenny Mayne
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Days after former San Francisco Giants star Aubrey Huff posted a tweet blasting socialism, ESPN’s Kenny Mayne went on the attack saying that the former MLB star’s tweet is “not normal.”

Last Monday, the two-time World Series winner tweeted out that socialism is a “nightmare” and that he thinks real Americans should train their children to use firearms to fight against the inhuman, oppressive form of government.

But the tweet sent ESPN’s Mayne reeling. Mayne took to his own Twitter account to decry the “threat of political violence” that he believes Huff is advocating.

“To be silent about a former MLB player posting a threat of political violence is to normalize it. It is not normal. It is unacceptable. (Politics & sports intersected here-so we are good),” Mayne tweeted on Wednesday.

Then Mayne indulged a bit of “whataboutism” saying, “And now… imagine a non-white player posting what he posted…& what would come.”

Mayne, whose middle name, “Wheelock,” is the name of a historic gun, ended his tweet with, “BeAlert#.”

Huff kicked off the controversy by tweeting that he was teaching his sons how to use firearms in case socialism takes over America.

“Getting my boys trained up on how to use a gun in the unlikely event @BernieSanders beats @realDonaldTrump in 2020. In which case knowing how to effectively use a gun under socialism will be a must. By the way most the head shots were theirs. @NRA @WatchChad #2ndAmendment”

Huff followed that up with a tweet pointing out the inhumanity of socialism.

“For those of you who welcome socialism to America, read about what happens to a country and its people tweeted by someone who lived through the nightmare,” he wrote the next day. “Maybe teaching your children proper gun safety, and how to use one isn’t such a bad idea after all.”

Huff’s point is well taken, though. Since the dawn of socialism and communism just ahead of the 1900s, the preponderance of all political violence in the U.S.A. has come from members of the Democrat Party and far left-wing agitators.

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