WATCH: Hitter Beats Catcher with Bat, Wild Brawl Ensues

Getty Images/Jeff Gross

Baseball season may be over in the United States, but down in Venezuela, not only are they still swinging bats at baseballs, they’re also swinging bats at each other.

On Wednesday night, a former major league hitter named Alex Romero took great offense to getting hit by a pitch. However, instead of charging the mound and going after the pitcher, he turned around and hit the catcher with his bat.


According to reports, hitters from both sides were getting beaned all night long. But former Arizona Diamondback Alex Romero had enough of this by the time he came up to bat in the 8th inning. Romero got about two swings in at catcher Gabriel Lino before the benches emptied and both sides engaged in a wild melee.

“It initially boiled over in the seventh inning, when Caribes’ Cesar Valera was hit by the first pitch after Niuman Romero and Alexi Amarista had hit back-to-back home runs,” Yahoo Sports reported. “The benches cleared then as well, leading to the ejection of three players and Caribes manager Jackson Melian.

“In total, five batters were hit and nine were ejected stemming from the hostility. Fines and suspensions will surely follow. Romero, who played in 144 games for the Arizona Diamondbacks between 2008 and 2009, is likely to receive a significant ban.”

Umpires eventually restored order to the game. Heavy fines and suspensions are expected for both teams.

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