Mark Levin Blasts NBA ‘Hypocrites and Frauds’ for Painting Black Lives Matter on Courts

Black Lives Matter
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Talk radio star Mark Levin blasted the NBA for its plans to paint the name of “anti-Semitic, hate-America group” Black Lives Matter on the court’s sidelines.

According to ESPN, the NBA is looking for ways to express solidarity both with their players and with the Black Lives Matter movement and one suggestion was to paint “Black Lives Matter” on the sidelines at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex where the 2020 season is to be played.

Levin, though, took to Facebook to note how disgusted he was by the move to festoon the sidelines with Black Lives Matter messages.

So, a violent Marxist-anarchist, anti-Semitic, hate-America group will have its name painted on sides of the NBA basketball courts. And the multi-millionaire players and billionaire owners — hypocrites and frauds — expect the rest of us to pay for this? I certainly hope we still have the gumption to tell these pathetic, phony revolutionaries, who milk this country for everything it’s worthwhile condemning it, go to hell and we, the people, stop subsidizing their extravagant lifestyles.

Another one of the ideas being kicked around by the NBA is to allow players to replace their last names with social justice slogans on their Jerseys.

Last weekend, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Chris Paul, president of the National Basketball Players Association, said that the players are working with the league to change the jersey policy to allow players to promote their favorite causes.

Slogans could include “Black Lives Matter,” or “I Can’t Breathe,” or other sayings and slogans according to reports.

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