Spurs’ Gregg Popovich on Black Lives Matter Critics: ‘Just Ignorant’

Gregg Popovich
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said Monday that if you are “offended” by the Black Lives Matter movement, you are “just ignorant.”

Speaking to reporters ahead of the NBA’s 2020 season, Popovich once again launched into name-calling against his political opponents.

“It’s no different for me than it is to anybody else who cares about justice and who can be empathetic to the fact that justice has been denied to a group of people for far too long. And enough is enough,” the coach said, according to Dallas Morning-News reporter Brad Townsend. “Everybody’s tired of it, especially the group that has been degraded and savaged for so long. People who don’t understand Black Lives Matter or are offended by it are just ignorant.”

Popovich, who also told reporters he is “safer” in the NBA “bubble” at the Disney resort in Orlando than he is in Texas, recently slammed the response to COVID-19 hysteria back in his homes state.

Popovich blamed Trump for what he thinks is failed leadership in Texas, saying, “Politics show maybe he better do this because the virus has done that. But no overall policy, no principle. It’s all about politics. It’s all about what’s good for them. And ‘them’ means Trump. Because they’re all cowards, and they’re all afraid.”

The Spurs coach attacks Trump regularly. Only weeks ago, Popovich attacked NFL chief Roger Goodell and all NFL owners who support Trump, calling them cowards for allowing Trump to “intimidate” them.

“A smart man is running the NFL. and he didn’t understand the difference between the flag and what makes the country great — all the people who fought to allow [Colin] Kaepernick to have the right to kneel for justice,” Popovich said. “The flag is irrelevant. It’s just a symbol that people glom onto for political reasons, just like [Dick] Cheney back in the Iraq war. . . . [Goodell] got intimidated when Trump jumped on the kneeling [and] he folded.”

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