WATCH: Bill Belichick Smashes Phone During Monday Night Football Tirade

Bill Belichick
Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Not much has gone right for the Patriots this year, and last night, an innocent phone paid the price for it.

On the opening play of the second half, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen did what he did for the entirety of the first half: He completed a seemingly improbable pass. However, after looking at the replay, it was clear that the receiver came down with the ball inbounds.

Though, the fact that it was a completion didn’t seem as clear to the Patriots coaches watching the replay because they suggested that Belichick risk losing a timeout and challenge the play. Well, after Belichick saw the replay for himself, Belichick became enraged that his assistants had told him to challenge the play, and he let them know about it.

Unsurprisingly, the Patriots lost the challenge. Belichick was still unhappy about the call after the game.

“Obviously he made the catch. It was a good catch,” Belichick told reporters. “I mean, it was a good call. It was a good catch. And the challenge was obviously not successful, as it shouldn’t have been.”

The Patriots lost to the Bills, 38-9.


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