Pro Football Talk: ‘The Leader of Our Country Is a Clear and Present Threat to Nat’l Security’

President Trump Tells Supporters to Go in Peace
Source: Donald J. Trump/Twitter

The Twitter account for Pro Football Talk, which is believed to be used also the personal Twitter of PFT writer and NBC Sunday Night Football contributor Mike Florio, blasted President Trump on Wednesday as a “clear and present threat to national security.”

PFT wrote:

Though, that was far from PFT’s first non-sports post of the day. As reports of protesters storming barricades and battling with police on and inside the U.S. Capitol grounds, the account informed its followers that “this,” referring to the unrest at the Capitol, was “exactly what [Trump] wanted.”

What followed from there was several tweets directly blaming the president and his supporters for the violence at the Capitol:

PFT then enlightened followers as to the definition of treason and sedition:

Followers were then invited to “unfollow,” if they wanted to avoid the diversion from sports to politics:

Then, an explanation for the unrest was offered:

PFT then retweeted Pro Football Talk’s Managing Editor Michael David Smith’s call for invoking the 25th Amendment, calling for Trump’s removal from office:

Several tweets and retweets followed:

Violence and chaos continued at the Capitol throughout the afternoon on Wednesday. The violence claimed the life of one female protester who was shot in the neck inside the U.S. Capitol.


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