VIDEO: ‘F*ck You!’ Umpire Curses at Batter During College Baseball Game

baseball bat
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An umpire in an AAC game on Friday night lashed out at and cursed a batter after the player objected to what he thought was a bad strike call.

The incident went down in Orlando in the second game of a double-header between the University of Central Florida and Wichita State. UCF redshirt junior Andrew Brait took a called strike three on a pitch that at least appeared to miss. The umpire, the only vote who matters, evidently thought it got enough of the plate and rung Brait up.

This did not sit well with the young man who turned around and voiced his objection to the umpire. The umpire did not hold back and could be seen to say, “F*ck you!” as the player walked away.

It’s unusual to see an umpire resort to foul language in an argument with a college player. But again, no one knows what the player said at the outset of the argument.


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