Eventbrite Cancels Riley Gaines’ ‘Protecting Women’s Sports,’, Claims Her Women’s Sports Event Is Discriminatory

AP Photo/Darren Abate

Protecting women’s sports activist and former NCAA champion swimmer, Riley Gaines was informed that ticket service Eventbrite has canceled her event page because the event promulgates hate and discrimination.

On Wednesday, Gaines took to her X account to inform supporters that Eventbrite canceled her ticket service for her “Protecting Women’s Sports with Riley Gaines” event scheduled for November 3 at the University of California, Davis.

“Newsflash,” Gaines wrote to Eventbrite, “being a woman and advocating for such isn’t a hate crime.”

She also noted, “I love all the people in my comments saying they’ve deleted their Eventbrite account. Give ’em the Bud Light treatment.”

Eventbrite claimed they were canceling Gaines’ event because she advocated for “discrimination.”

We have determined that your event is not permitted on the Eventbrite marketplace as it violates our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, with which all users agree to comply. Specifically, we do not allow content or events that – through on- or off-platform activity – discriminate against, harass, disparage, threaten, incite violence against, or otherwise target individuals or groups based on their actual or perceived race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, immigration status, gender identity, sexual orientation, veteran status, age, or disability. As a result, your event has been unpublished. Please be aware that severe or repeated violations of our guidelines may result in the suspension or termination of your Eventbrite account.

The stance that advocating for biological women is “discrimination” and hate as far as Eventbrite is concerned is not surprising since, over the years, the company has repeatedly canceled and eliminated events for women who speak in favor of biological gender ideas.

Meanwhile, Eventbrite sees nothing wrong with hosting ticket sales for events that call for the support of the radical transgender agenda, not to mention the support of Palestinian terrorism.

Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli took note of the fact that Eventbrite itself is discriminatory.

In reply to Gaines’ post, he wrote, “did you notice that the “terms” for @eventbrite do NOT include gender/sex? They only include “gender identity”… so actual biology literally does not matter at all? Men & women can be discriminated against, but not people who “identify” as something they’re not!”

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