Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi

Senior Yemeni Commander Claims Government Is Winning the Civil War

General Nasser al-Dhaybani, a senior commander for Yemen’s internationally recognized but deposed government, predicted in an interview with Sky News on Monday that the government is winning the brutal four-year Yemeni civil war, and could recapture the capital city of Sanaa from Iran-backed Houthi insurgents very soon.

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Yemen: Islamic State Bombs Presidential Residence

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a bomb attack aimed at the presidential residence in Aden, Yemen, on Thursday. Reports say that up to 11 people were killed in the blast and at least 20 wounded.

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Saudis Shoot Down Scud Missile Fired from Yemen

Saudi Arabia’s air force intercepted a Scud missile launched from Yemen Saturday night, according to the Saudi-led coalition fighting Iran-backed Yemeni rebels known as Houthis and their allies.

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Yemen Cease Fire Instantly Violated by Saudi Airstrikes, Houthi Shelling

The much-touted seven-day cease fire in Yemen began on Tuesday afternoon and lasted maybe an hour, before there were reports of both Saudi warplanes dropping bombs on Houthi insurgents, and the Houthis shelling a loyalist stronghold. Naturally, each side blames the other for breaking the agreement.

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Saudi Prince Deletes Tweet Offering Bentleys to Pilots Fighting in Yemen

Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal has come under fire after a tweet appeared on his official account in which he promised to gift a Bentley vehicle to every Saudi pilot conducting airstrikes against Shiite Houthi targets in Yemen. The tweet was swiftly deleted, and Saudi media claimed it was the product of a “hack.”

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$10 Million Bounty Placed on Houthi Leader in Yemen

The Iran-backed Houthi insurgents who took over Yemen tried putting a $100,000 bounty on the head of recently deposed President Abd Mansour Hadi, who has been forced to flee the country. Vocativ reports that considerably larger rewards have now been posted for the capture of Houthi leader Abdel Malik al-Houthi and the previous president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has thrown in with the rebels.

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