Adam McKay

Satire as Confession: Director Adam McKay Produces Fake Chevron Ad Condemning Needless Flights (Like 5,000-Mile Trips to His House in Ireland)

Woke Hollywood producer, “Vice” and “Don’t Look Up” director Adam McKay created a fake Chevron ad in an attempt to skewer the company and push his far-left global warming agenda, even as McKay — with his estimated $60 million net worth — enjoys flying thousands of carbon-spewing miles to his various homes around the world.

Adam McKay

‘Don’t Look Up’ Director Adam McKay Maintains 2nd Home in Ireland While Posing as Climate Crusader

Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up” director Adam McKay has used Oscars season to re-invent himself as one of Hollywood’s most vocal climate change activists. He has called climate change the most serious threat facing mankind, demanded the defunding of a natural gas pipeline, and even claimed that anyone who dislikes his movie isn’t serious about global warming.

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‘Vice’ Review: A Really Bad ‘House of Cards’ Episode

Although writer/director Adam McKay has managed to keep the fires of his hatred for Dick Cheney stoked a full decade after the former vice president left office, rather than serving as a constructive muse, this hatred is so blinding, so smug, so superior, McKay ends up revealing more about a lot himself than his subject.

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‘I Want to Quit Life’: Hollywood ‘Devastated’ after Trump Win

Hollywood celebrities took to social media Tuesday evening ready to celebrate what looked to be an imminent victory for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who led Republican Donald Trump in most polls headed into Election Day — but were left to vent their frustration and horror when Trump pulled off an historic upset.